Anne Rantakylä (b. 1989, Finland) is a photographic artist and poet. Her works often constitute from the combination of poems and photographs. In different display formats on paper she plays with the connections and metaphors of the two elements. Exploring different philosophical questions and photographs from natural surroundings, time is a reoccurring subject in her work.

In 2019 she graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Valand Academy (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), receiving the Carl Larsson stipendium.

She studied her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Finland, graduating in 2017. 

contact: anne.rantakyla at


My solo exhibition 'Mangifera indica' will be on 22.11.-10.12.2023 at Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Kymi (Lahti, Finland)


I sat down to update what I wanted to say about my practice and the problem is that I am moving away from words and analyzes into direct experience of things. What could be said about that since every phrase seems to contradict the method. The method is as follows. Observing the surroundings and photographing. Having an emotion and capturing that emotion with the camera. This does not eliminate thought. It means not adding anything to the thought. 

I am experimenting with color film.

Based on my Master thesis, an article about time views in photo theory can be read at:

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